Dell EMC World 2016 | October 18 – 20 | Austin, Texas


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General Session Highlights

Check out our General Session videos from this year’s event:

Opening General Session

Opening General Session

Hear Michael’s vision for the future of technology, and how the combination of Dell and EMC will help customers of any size with the essential infrastructure to modernize IT and enable digital business.

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Closing General Session

Closing General Session

Bringing Dell EMC World to a close, hear from an all-star roster of speakers who will explore both the factors that contribute to innovation and innovation in practice.

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Cloud Security & Automation

Cloud Security. Cloud Automation, VMware NSX, Dell Open Networking, Software Defined Networking, Virtualized Network, Enterprise Security, SDN, Private Cloud, Virtualization, Network Virtualization


What is the Right Cloud for Your Apps? - Public, Private or Hybrid

How do you decide which apps would benefit most from cloud, and which deployment model is best – public, private, or hybrid?

Learn how to assess things like I/O, integration, SLAs, disaster recovery, confidentiality, and security requirements.

Scott Bils, Senior Director, EMC Global Services, talks about his role and responsibility for setting the strategy, defining the service offerings and enabling delivery of EMC services.


Powering the Subscription Economy: Zuora Founder and CEO, Tien Tzuo

Tien Tzuo, founder and CEO of Zuora, explains the Subscription Economy.

Zuora is an innovative SaaS platform powering subscription-based businesses. Tien explores the opportunities of subscription-based business models and the impact subscription services are having on IT today.


Deploy OpenStack in minutes with VxRack Neutrino

Digital transformation is reshaping every industry. Cloud native apps and Cloud infrastructure are the essential technologies to thrive in this new economy. Building cloud native applications requires a place to build, deploy and run them quickly and easily. OpenStack based private clouds are fast becoming a defacto standard.

With DELL EMC's Turnkey OpenStack IaaS offering, VxRack Neutrino - get the benefits of OpenStack without the deployment, management and upgrade challenges of OpenStack.


How open source is changing the Data Center?

Dell EMC is embracing the open source platforms and tools trend. Learn from some of the biggest organizations that have made this choice and how EMC can help you get there.


Dell Solutions, Specialized Users and Enhanced Productivity

Creative professionals at Sony Pictures & Entertainment, XOS Digital, and National Geographic talk about how Dell’s solutions make them successful.

Equipping specialized users within your organization unleashes their productivity. As software technology continues to advance, so does the need for experts to have the proper tools to get the job done.


Marketing Optimization - ETL offload & Predictive Analytics

Dell is using an ETL offload solution to move data from an expensive and cumbersome data warehouse into Hadoop and then into a Data Reservoir that provides data access to business units across the enterprise.

Dell has saved millions of dollars and has built a 360-degree view of the customer by leveraging Hadoop to derive meaningful business insights.


How to Get Value from End-of-Life Assets?

When technology has reached its end of life, security is the first concern. How can you protect identities and data while still complying with legal requirements? And what about the environmental liability? Learn about Dell's Asset Resale and Recycling Service and how to get the most value from end-of-life assets.


Tips for Succeeding at Digital Transformation

Observations on how large organizations successfully go through Digital transformation. When it comes to digital transformation, despite vast resources, large organizations are 40% less likely to be high performing organizations than smaller ones. The challenges are way beyond any technology issues, and instead are rank ""meatware""problems with people and process.


How the customers voice inspires innovation?

Dell leaders share how to create a comprehensive “Voice of Experience” program when collecting customer feedback.

This program ensures you are listening when and where it matters, leveraging feedback to drive product and services innovation and closing the loop with customers to let them know their voices are valued.


Dell EMC Word closing keynote (Part 3): Tien Tzuo

Tien Tzuo, Chief Executive Officer of Zuora, explains how the social side and the technology side of innovation come together in practice.

He considers there’s never been a better time to innovate. In the last 15 years, 52% of Fortune 500 companies no longer exist.

Traditional companies like General Electric used to innovate by focusing on product innovation. Now, GE wants to become a digital company to provide services for their customers.

Innovation is not about products. It’s about the customer and how businesses create relationships with their customers. As users, we don’t care about the product anymore we expect outcomes, we expect experiences that deliver on the things that we need. This means we are moving away from the product economy to a subscription economy model.

The implication is that the whole way of thinking about our business changes and we need to think about customers as subscribers.


Dell EMC Word closing keynote (Part 2): Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly is the founding executive editor of Wired magazine. Kelly is a visionary author with several New York Times best-sellers, including, “The Inevitable, Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future.”

Kevin Kelly has a different perspective on innovation and where we go as a society. To think about the future, Kevin Kelly proposes to ask questions that leverage a good answer but also spark other questions to help expand our knowledge. In this session, Kevin Kelly uses these 4 questions to answer what will happen in the future:

1. What would you do if you had 1,000 minds working for you 24/7? Artificial power and intelligence makes it possible!

2. What makes great experiences? Virtual reality or Internet of experiences open a new era where experiences become the new currency

3. What can be accessed rather than owned? Gain access to a product or a service then you can give it back; this is preferred over ownership. We are transitioning from products to services.

4. What can you do with a billion people simultaneously in real time? With examples like Facebook and Wikipedia, we realize that sharing, collaboration, cooperation, and social platforms are key for our future.

The greatest products of the next 20 years have not been invented yet. You’re not late to innovate!