Dell EMC World 2016 | October 18 – 20 | Austin, Texas


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Meet our leaders and experience our new company at Dell EMC World.

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Your digital transformation journey starts here. At Dell EMC World, we’re collaborating with you to modernize your data center, leverage the cloud, empower today’s mobile workforce and protect your organization and its data.

David Goulden, President Infrastructure Solutions Group, is excited to greet customers at Dell EMC World.

What do customers tell you are their biggest challenges?

Customers that I speak with are telling me that they have to overcome two challenges. First, they have to manage their traditional IT — the IT that runs their business today — in more efficient ways: modernizing, automating and transforming their data centers. Then, they have to use those cost savings from their IT transformation to support the digital transformation of their business, to engage customers in new ways, through mobile, cloud-based apps and by offering new products and services that create new value from information and data analytics. These new applications have the potential to transform a business – and often the business model – creating true differentiation and competitive advantage for a business.

So, in addition to running their traditional applications, customers more and more are deploying a new breed of cloud-native applications. To net that all out, today’s CIO needs a hybrid cloud strategy based on a modern data center where both traditional and new, cloud-native applications can run side-by-side.

What new technologies are customers most excited about?

Traditional infrastructures are highly resilient and run the vast majority of the applications in business today. Here, IT is looking to improve performance and resiliency while at the same time drive greater efficiency and lower costs. Customers look to us to help them implement a hybrid cloud strategy based on a modern data center architecture. That means newer flash, scale-out, software-defined and cloud-enabled technologies that are trusted and secure. Customers like the way our Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Engineered Solution makes this all available in an easy to deploy way, incorporating products from across Dell Technologies. And through our services, we are helping IT departments transform their people and processes, and how their users use IT.

The new cloud native applications are built fundamentally differently than traditional applications. And they often run on fundamentally different infrastructure — software-defined on industry standard servers. It’s a different paradigm, built on a very different platform with a different architecture, supporting environments with thousands of times more users, each of whom generate thousands of times more data than before. Cloud-native is really about building new apps in new ways to transform business for the new digital era. And here, our Native Hybrid Cloud Engineered Solution makes this all available to our customers in an easy to deploy way, incorporating products from across Dell Technologies.

What are you most excited to share with customers at Dell EMC World this year?

I’m excited to show attendees how Dell EMC, as a part of Dell Technologies, enables organizations to modernize, automate and transform their data center using industry-leading converged infrastructure, servers, storage and data protection technologies. This provides a trusted foundation for businesses to transform IT and transform their business. And Dell EMC World Attendees will be the first to learn about our latest technology innovations that we plan to roll out at this year’s event.

As we look at what we can do for our customers as one company, the most obvious and immediate value for customers will come from having access to Dell EMC storage and converged infrastructure and Dell servers and PCs in one relationship. As Dell Technologies, we become a larger and much more strategic IT partner for customers, bringing together a really strong set of unparalleled, market leading capabilities to our customers and partners.

Just within our Dell EMC business alone, we have many clear market leadership positions: the #1 market share leader in External Storage, in all-Flash arrays, in Backup and Recovery, in x86 Server units, in Converged Infrastructure and in Cloud IT Infrastructure.

Not being afraid to drive change and often disrupt ourselves, we have also established leadership positions in a number of important newer/emerging market segments including Scale-out NAS and Scale-out Object, Software Defined Storage, Rack-Scale Flash, Density Optimized Servers and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure. When you step back and think about it, this is quite a line up!

The best part is, all of this market leading technology – across storage, backup, servers, converged infrastructure and cloud and all with world class support and services – is now available to our customers from a single, trusted, strategic partner: Dell EMC.

So the formation of Dell Technologies really redefines the enterprise IT marketplace by creating a new powerhouse with an unmatched technology portfolio, delivered by an unparalleled level of talent, scale and reach.

Why should customers attend Dell EMC World 2016?

As we strive to expand our relationships with our customers and partners, we’re very encouraged by the large percentage who tell us in independent, third-party surveys that they see the Dell EMC combination as good for their business and say they are prepared to invest more with us. Dell EMC World this year is really everyone’s first chance to size us up as a newly combined company, as their strategic IT partner for the future.