Dell EMC World 2016 | October 18 – 20 | Austin, Texas


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In the Spotlight: Lifecycle services

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Are you sitting down?” is usually a warning that you are about to hear something big, and if you are responsible for technology in your organization that’s probably a daily occurrence. That’s because IT is the backbone of most businesses. In fact, IT is the lifeblood of practically everything we do, enabling commerce, comfort and connections for much of the world.

That’s why it’s hard to go through a day in IT without something big looming over you, but maybe…maybe that stressful side of IT can change. Join us at Dell EMC World for in-depth interactive discussions of IT services and their promise: less loom and gloom and more invisible and automatic.

Join Steve Duplessie, Founder and Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, as he describes the future of IT services…your future.

On the edge of eminence - when will services transform the system? MT session 108

What part will IT services play in coming decades? Imagine precision consulting, plug-n-play anywhere deployment, proactive, automated, and personalized support, and worry-free recycling and resale. It’s as if you could slip a fitness tracker onto an entire IT ecosystem and its lifecycle. Maybe you can.

SystemFit - step into the service experience of the future, MT session 109

How do you decide which apps would benefit most from cloud, and which deployment model is best – public, private, or hybrid? Learn about the two key components that should drive your evaluation: suitability and placement.

Public, private or hybrid cloud - where should your apps live? MT session 121

Need help integrating Big Data into your IT and business strategies? In this session, you’ll use a workbook to apply data science techniques and uncover monetization opportunities for your organization.

Think like a data scientist: build your big data blueprint, MT session 122

Ever wonder if Dell Technologies leverages Dell Services for their own IT? In fact, we do, but there’s a twist in the story. We call our use of our services “IT Proven.” Want a peek? Come on in.

Under the covers - Dell on Dell deployment and support, MT session 111

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