Dell EMC World 2016 | October 18 – 20 | Austin, Texas


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Experience Dell EMC’s debut as the industry leader in digital transformation.

Steve Lalla 350X

Radical changes in the way people work are transforming how organizations operate. Dell EMC leaders will unveil their vision for the future of the data center and the digital workforce, with a focus on cloud, mobility, big data, IoT, security and storage.

Steve Lalla, VP and General Manager Cloud Client Computing and Data Protection, has a sneak peek:

When you speak with customers, what do they say are their biggest IT challenges?

Many of the customers I speak to are grappling with how to reduce IT complexity while enabling their increasingly mobile workforce. There are more devices than ever, and critical business information is moving around both in and outside of the network. They want to know how they can reduce the complexity of delivering more sophisticated and complex workloads while securely delivering the apps and data to employees in multiple locations.

What are the new, upcoming technologies that you’ve seen and are most excited about?

Two spring to mind. First, advances in converged infrastructure simplify the path to the cloud. These appliances make it much easier to deploy and manage - and take the guesswork and complexity out of virtualized environments, which lowers the barrier to entry for smaller organizations. The other is the growing use of artificial intelligence in security solutions. Advanced threat protection solutions that use AI can proactively predict threats – even zero day threats – dramatically increasing the efficacy of the solutions in a way that just wasn’t possible before.

What are you most excited to share with customers at this year’s Dell EMC World and why should they attend?

This year, customers can see how the collection of companies that make up Dell Technologies enable them to liberate data, and deliver complex solutions – easier and better than ever. It’s a very exciting time for Dell, our customers can learn what we have in store as we move forward as one integrated company.

What changes do you expect to see in the workplace in the next 2-3 years?

I expect to see smarter offices and more flexible work arrangements. There is a symbiotic relationship between employee career goals and evolving technology. Advances in technology will allow access to data and application, anytime – anywhere, allowing people to be more productive and reach their full potential. One challenge is the unfortunate increase in cybercrime and the increased liability and compliance requirements related to data breaches. The need for comprehensive advanced security solutions will be more important than ever.

What can we expect to see from the Commercial Client Software & Solutions Group in 2017?

We’re working towards providing seamless manageability between the PC, mobile devices and the cloud so that company’s data can flow securely between these areas for enhanced productivity. You’ll hear more from us soon in this regard.