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In the spotlight: Diversity in technology

The technology industry, while traditionally male-dominated, has come to recognize the unique perspectives and work styles of women technologists. The rich and varied contributions women make to technology are highly valued and the industry is ablaze with programs to support diversity in tech.

Diversity in the technology industry is a highlight at Dell EMC World this year with two diversity sessions and the annual Women in Technology Networking Luncheon.

The Dell EMC World breakout sessions explore in greater detail the future of diversity in the technology industry, building the pipeline for women in STEM, and creating a workplace that is inclusive for all.

Diversity in the technology industry: Trends and practices, MT session 95

Women and minorities are underrepresented at all levels in technology firms. Lack of diversity is a disadvantage in the ever-evolving tech industry where diverse perspectives often lead to inspired innovation. In this session, learn about current research on diversity in tech and what it takes to create an inclusive work culture. This panel will include Dell leaders, customers, and partners for an honest discussion about diversity trends and how companies can leverage diversity and inclusion to drive better results.

Diversity: Unconscious bias workshop, MT session 96

Everyone has bias. It's part of our human nature, a survival mechanism often influenced by social norms. But many biases, including unconscious ones, can be detrimental in the workplace. In this interactive workshop, you will explore the impact of unconscious bias on your professional and personal effectiveness. This workshop is designed to create curiosity and a desire to learn more. The facilitators will interact with the audience to raise awareness, shift mindsets and create insights that each participant can take back to their workplace.

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Women in Technology Networking Luncheon

The annual Women in Technology Networking Luncheon at Dell EMC World is a special event where attendees can network with peers and industry experts. This year’s guest speaker is CEO, author and sports agent Molly Fletcher—named by CNN as “the female Jerry McGuire.” She’ll relate lessons learned from nearly two decades as an agent in the sports industry: leadership, relationship management, sales and business development, and negotiation. This luncheon is open to all Dell EMC World attendees.

Learn more: Author and entrepreneur Molly Fletcher is headlining the Women in Technology Networking event!

Taking steps to create a diverse workforce

One of the obstacles to attaining a more diverse workforce starts with the seemingly simple task of attracting girls to the field.

Women’s under-representation in tech has created a barrier to getting girls into the field in the first place. The problem of attracting girls to STEM needs to be specifically addressed.

Thankfully, many non-profits and technology companies, Dell EMC included, are taking up the cause and committing to solve the pipeline problem for women in STEM.

On July 22, Girls Who Code, a national non-profit that runs a 7-week summer coding immersion program for 11th and 12th grade girls, took a field trip day to Dell.

These girls were smart, funny, vivacious, thoroughly curious, and incredibly passionate about science, technology, math, coding, and engineering. While one participant could be heard talking about her experiences on a solar car team, another was proudly declaring her hope of becoming an animation or CGI programmer.

This is what the future looks like — and it’s thrilling! Surrounded by girls who are being empowered to believe that the world of technology is just as much for them as it is for their male counterparts, it’s easy to get excited about what innovations this group will contribute.

Meredith Walker, co-founder of Amy Poehler’s “Smart Girls” organization jokes with GWC participants.

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