Dell EMC World 2016 | October 18 – 20 | Austin, Texas


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Digital transformation is here, and Dell EMC is leading the way forward.

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Get hands-on and learn how to transform your organization from the enterprise technology leader who knows it best. Jeremy Burton, Chief Marketing Officer, Dell, shares what our customers are expecting at Dell EMC World Austin:

What do your customers say are their biggest challenges?

They don’t say it in these exact words, but I’d say it’s figuring out what they need to do to play a part in an increasingly digital world. Now, it’s not as if customers are walking into our Executive Briefing Center and saying they have no idea what to do – it’s not like that at all – many are driving a digital agenda already. But what many of our customers ask us for is how to architect these new applications, what the options are for infrastructure and best practices for transforming their IT teams. There’s also a knock-on effect on the workforce and the security posture of the organization that we can talk to, and address, as well.

What are the new technologies customers are most excited about?

From an enterprise IT standpoint, I’d say Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure. Many of our customers want to move away from the work of building their own stacks of servers, networking, and storage and focus on more strategic activities that support their business. From a data center standpoint that means buying technology that makes it much simpler stand up infrastructure and deliver apps - that’s dead center for converged infrastructure. Of course Hyper-Converged is a really hot topic with customers right now – it offers the ability to start small and grow as you need, and while its mostly used for traditional workloads today, its scale-out architecture is perfectly suited for cloud-native apps as well.

What are you most excited to share with customers at this year’s Dell EMC World?

I don’t want to spoil the surprise... but, let’s just say we’ll announce new systems that take advantage of the full power and breadth of the Dell EMC portfolio in a big way. This should really raise some eyebrows – because it’s just 30 days after closing our deal - but more importantly by combing the best of the Dell and EMC portfolio’s we’re helping solve some hairy challenges our customers are facing.

Why should customers attend Dell EMC World this year?

I think I mentioned this in a blog a bit ago – but the best reason to attend is to learn! From classes to workshops to labs, for IT professionals, there’s nothing better than learning the best ways to make use of tech and then being able to get hands on with it. There will be no shortage of opportunity to do that this year. Of course, I’d be remiss not to mention Alabama Shakes, which might be reason enough to attend! Personally, I’m also excited about the F1 race on that weekend too. Only question to answer there is Rosberg or Hamilton?

What are your priorities for the coming year?

Easy one – tell our story. It will take a long time for our message to reach our customers and partners and data suggests that people need to hear something seven times before they remember it.