Dell EMC World 2016 | October 18 – 20 | Austin, Texas


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Charting the future of digital transformation

Bryan E Jones 500X688

Dell EMC is hosting business and IT leaders from around the world for the biggest enterprise technology event of the year, Dell EMC World. You can be among the first to experience Dell EMC and learn how to transform your organization into a digital enterprise.

Our customers want to know how we’ll chart the future of digital business that runs on the cloud, data analytics and connected devices, and includes innovations in IT, workforce and security to make it happen.

Here’s what Bryan E. Jones, North America Field Marketing, shared:

What do your customers say are their biggest challenges?

A lot of customers I meet with are struggling with the concepts of on-premises vs off-premises cloud and how they manage between the two and / or create a third model that is a hybrid of the first two. Customers are starting to see a path forward in breaking down silos in their data center, but are also faced with new silos that the cloud can create.

Security and mobility also remain big topics — how do you manage thousands of devices and input points without creating new security concerns? This is a common question.

The evolution of the knowledge worker and the tools he or she needs to get their job done is rapidly changing and new end-user requirements can mean more cost and complexity if not managed appropriately.

What are the new technologies customers are most excited about?

The consumerization of IT is bringing better design and increased productivity to end-user computing. End users can have light, thin devices with corporate-level security and productivity capabilities in corporate-quality notebooks and tablets. They don’t have to pick between one or the other.

Converged infrastructure is becoming mainstream, knocking down silos in the data center, and on the end user computing side, by better virtualization strategies, surrounded by secure and manageable solutions that decrease cost and complexity.

The reality of always-on and always-connected devices are increasing end user productivity; people are excited to work where they want, when they want and still be just as productive as they were in their office.

What are you most excited to share with customers at this year’s Dell EMC World?

Our new company and how we are enabling digital transformation. The industry and our customers are at maybe the most unique crossroads of technology and business ever, and we are poised to help them meet today’s challenges, but more importantly, help them accelerate where they want to go through technology.

Why should our customers attend Dell EMC World this year?

Dell EMC World isn’t just about technology and solutions, it’s about meeting with Dell EMC executives and hearing from Michael where we are going and why we are uniquely positioned to add value in this age of digital transformation.

Come to Dell EMC World to hear from industry leaders on what they are doing and how they are shaping the world around them and stay for the exciting celebration of our new company. It really is a balanced, blended event with something for everyone.

Be the first to experience Dell EMC and learn how to transform your organization into a digital enterprise at Dell EMC World.