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In the spotlight: Big data

Dell EMC empowers IT and business leaders to join forces to create, implement, and unlock the value of your data, so you can quickly and securely turn all data into insights for better decision making. Whether your goal is to better connect with customers and markets, improve operations, or invent new business models, Dell EMC can help you thrive in the data economy. Register today and add this big data Main Track session to your agenda:

Ethical big data: What's legal and what's right? MT session 31

While data and analytics technologies offer new opportunities to use data, it’s important to stop big data from "crossing the creepy line". Governance and security experts from MasterCard, Cloudera and Dell EMC, will discuss the legal and ethical usage of big data. Our discussion will include what's legal and some of the specific legal restrictions that vary dramatically between countries and states, as well as what’s right – how to make sure your usage of data never crosses the creepy line.

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Big Data and Dell: Beyond the Hype

You've heard the hype about big data, but what is it? Dell EMC's big data solutions cut through the hype and make data the lifeblood of your organization.

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